The 10th IAPR TC3 Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition

ANNPR 2022

24-26th November 2022

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus, Dubai Knowledge Park

Dubai, UAE

ANNPR 22 Program (In-person and *Online)

Day 1 Thursday 24th November (ANNPR 22 opening and welcome reception)

Time (GST)RoomOnline Link
3.30-4 pmRegistration5.34
4.00-5.30 pmWelcome Reception and Networking
Event will be held 5th floor marketplace
5.30-6 pmANNPR 2022 Opening Session & Welcome Note
Chair: Steve Gill, Heriot-Watt University, UAE

Prof. Heather McGregor
Provost and Vice Principal, HWU, Dubai

Steve Gill
Academic Head, School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences, HWU, Dubai

Neamat El Gayar, Mirco Ravanelli, Hazem Abbas & Edmondo Trentin
ANNPR 22 chairs
5.33Webinar Link
6-7 pmChair: Neamat El Gayar, Heriot-Watt University, UAE

*Invited Talk: Advances and Paradigms in Deep Learning
Michael S. Lew, Leiden University, Netherlands
(online Lecture)
Abstract & Speaker Bio:
5.33Webinar Link

Day2 Friday 25th November

Time (GST)RoomOnline Link
9.15-9.55 AMRegistration5.34
10-12.00 PMDay 2 Session 1 (Learning Algorithms and Architectures I)
Chair: Md Azher Uddin, Heriot-Watt University, UAE

Graph Augmentation for Neural Networks Using Matching Graphs
Mathias Fuchs and Kaspar Riesen
A Novel Representation of Graphical Patterns for Graph Convolution Networks
Marco Benini, Pietro Bongini and Edmondo Trentin
A Review of Capsule Networks in Medical Image Analysis
Heba Elshimy, Hind Zantout, Michael Lones and Neamat El Gayar
Introducing an Atypical Loss: A Perceptual Metric Learning for Image Pairing
Mohamed Dahmane
5.33Webinar Link
12.30-2.30 PMFriday prayer break & lunch
2.30-4.30 PMDay 2 Session 2 (Applications I)
Chair: Jindrich Matousek, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

*Utilization of Vision Transformer for Classification and Ranking of Video Distortions
Nouar Aldahoul, Hezerul Abdul Karim and Myles Joshua Toledo Tan
*Medical Deepfake Detection using 3-Dimensional Neural Learning
Misaj Sharafudeen and Vinod Chandra S. S.
Assessment of Pharmaceutical Patent Novelty using Siamese Neural Network 
Heba Elshimy, Hind Zantout and Hani Ragab Hassen
A Study on the Autonomous Detection of Impact Craters
Nour Aburaed, Mina Alsaad, Saeed Al Mansoori and Hussain Al-Ahmad
5.33Webinar Link

Day3 Saturday 26th November

Time GSTRoomOnline Link
10-11.30 AMDay 3 Session 1 (Learning Algorithms and Architectures II)
Chair: Radu Radu-Casian Mihailescu, Heriot-Watt University, UAE

*Do Minimal Complexity Least Squares Support Vector Machines Work?
Shigeo Abe
*Minimizing Cross Intersections in Graph Drawing via Linear Splines 
Rida Ghafoor, Matteo Tiezzi, Gabriele Ciravegna and Marco Gori
*Multi-stage Bias Mitigation for Individual Fairness in Algorithmic Decisions
Adinath Ghadage, Dewei Yi, Peter Edwards, George Coghill and Wei Pang
5.33Webinar Link
11.30-12 PMCoffee Break
12 PM-1 PMChair: Hind Zantout, Heriot-Watt University, UAE

IAPR Invited Lecture:
Evolutionary algorithms and neural networks: a match made in heaven?
Michael Lones, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Abstract & Speaker Bio:
5.33Webinar Link
1-2 PMLunch
2.00-3.30 PMSession 2 (Applications II)
Chair Mohamed Dahmane,  Computer Research Institute of Montreal, Canada 

*White Blood Cell Classification of Porcine Blood Smear Images
Jemima Loise U. Novia, Jacqueline Rose T. Alipo-on, Francesca Isabelle F. Escobar, Myles Joshua T. Tan, Hezerul Abdul Karim, and Nouar AlDahoul
Transformer-Encoder generated context-aware embeddings for spell correction
Noufal Samsudin and Hani Ragab
Sequence-to-Sequence CNN-BiLSTM Based Glottal Closure Instant Detection from Raw Speech
Jindrich Matousek and Daniel Tihelka
5.33Webinar Link
3.30-4 PMCoffee break
4-5.00 PMSession 3 (Applications III)
Chair: Daniel Tihelka, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

*Wavelet Scattering Transform Depth Benefit, An Application for Speaker Identification
Abderrazzaq Moufidi, David Rousseau and Pejman Rasti
*Mono vs Multilingual BERT for Hate Speech Detection and Text Classification: A Case Study in Marathi
Hrushikesh Patil, Abhishek Velankar and Raviraj Joshi
5.33Webinar Link
5-5.30  PMClosing5.33Webinar Link

*Online Presentation